Military Grade Self-Defense For The Average Citizen

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Credentialed Instructors Are Rare

I am a Full Instructor in Executive Progressive Fighting Systems and an Apprentice Instructor in Descendants of the Master.

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No Belts. Just Practical Application.

By definition Jeet Kune Do is a true martial art with no wasted movements. This teaches you an efficient way to quickly defend yourself.

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Semi-Private Class Size Limited to 4 Students

Class Size is limited to four students, this leads to a greater understanding of the material presented.

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Progressive Fighting – Jeet Kune Do and Kali Paul Vunak is Joe Nophut’s Sifu

Our goal is to teach you the most effective way to defend yourself and to be safe. Everyone can benefit from this system. Soccer moms, students, law enforcement officers at the Federal, State or Local level, corporate, personal, and event security fort collins seo firm, and anyone with an interest in learning the premier method of self defense.

We will teach you the same disciplines taught to Navy SEALs, FBI, DEA, and other law enforcement agencies. Jeet Kune Do and Kali is a martial art and life philosophy founded and developed by Bruce Lee. Please browse through this site then contact us for private or semi-private lessons. Gain confidence, reduce fear!

Rogue Martial Arts provides private and semi-private lessons in:

  • Self Defense
  • Weapons Training
  • Law Enforcement Seminars
  • Close Quarters Combat
  • Women’s Self Defense
  • Street Survival Tactics
  • Mixed Martial Arts

The primary Progressive Fighting disciplines taught are Jeet Kune Do and Kali. They provide important benefits for everyone.